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We Walk for Yorkshire 2024

This May I'm joining people across Yorkshire who are coming together to walk 31,000 miles to raise money for vital research which will help save lives in Yorkshire.

31,000 is the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer every year in Yorkshire.

People are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire than in most other parts of England and, tragically, too many people die. Yorkshire Cancer Research exists to change this. With the help of people across the region, the charity funds vital research and pioneers innovative new services for people with cancer.

Every step counts, and every pound I am able to raise will help save lives in Yorkshire.

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It's so green when Spain's flowers bloom

Wednesday 15th May
Hello everyone,
It's so green when Spain's flowers bloom or in Austria. Today we are taking a trip to a natural wonder in the green center of Austria, Styria. We hike to “Grüner See”, where the forest is green, the moss is green and the lake is green, my green eyes sparkle with so much of my favorite color around me. The mountain lake is currently 5.85 meters deep - the water level varies. Over the course of summer and into autumn it can disappear almost completely and then reappear again in spring after the snow melts. May and June are the best months to visit, no wonder it attracts so many people on a beautiful day like today. We were fascinated by the lake for hours, unwinding and experiencing little adventures among the rocks. Dogs are welcome and must be kept on a leash; they are not allowed to swim in the lake in order not to upset the ecological balance. Our dwarves were drinking and then unfortunately somehow got wet. They would never think of swimming at 4°C.You can find more pictures in the gallery, enjoy! 
I hope you had a nice day. 
Good evening and treat yourself nicely.

Up we go

Saturday 11th May
Hello everyone, 
what a day, we drove to Gutenstein where we covered 3.9 miles and 246 meters of elevation gain. I am to tired to tell you more, I let the photos speak instead. Enjoy! 
Have a good time and treat yourself nicely.


Friday 10th May
Hello everyone,
a quick hello after a short walk. Today there are only 1.2 miles from us, or in German: Feierabend! Let's see what tomorrow brings, see you then!

Not quite as planned

Thursday 9th May
Hello everyone,
Not quite as planned, but still a relaxing day off. 
I actually wanted to go to a special place for you to do a photo shoot, but... 
Well, it's nice at home too and I enjoyed the day here and soaked up the sun. Today I covered for Yorkshire 2 miles but only took this one photo for you, there are days like this. Enjoy the evening and treat yourself nicely!

It's a countdown

Wednesday 8th May
Hello everyone,
no miles today - sounds a bit like "no milk today" Herman's Hermits 1966, lol. 
I was cycling for pet food and now I am a bit exhausted. Our walkies were under one mile today. Tomorrow I have off and it´s a holiday in Austria and the weather forecast promise sunshine. We are going to walk on sunshine yeah (Katrina and the Waves 1983). 
It´s the final countdown (Europe 1986) or so, the counts on the views on my page here are going backwards? I like it, it´s funny.
I wish you a pleasant evening and as always - treat yourself nicely.

High five

Tuesday 7th May
Hello everyone,
Today I'm sending you a few sporty miles, to be precise 3.1 or 5.05 km in 55 minutes. A whole lot of fives, let's take a closer look at the five. What I found out is that 5 stands for freedom, a sense of adventure, but also compassion and love. I send you positive energy to the power of 5 and wish you a good night!

A break

Monday 6th May
Hello everyone, 
we took a break today because the household chores don't take care of themselves. 
Take care of yourself and treat yourself nicely.

A short trip to Mexico

Sunday 5th May
Hello everyone, 
today we visit the gardens in Hirschstetten in 22. district of Vienna. We strolled through China, Mexico, India and France in 2 hours - a pleasure for the eyes and the soul. Our little adventure lead us into a maze and showed us Vienna´s wildlife. Naturally I took pictures of our 2.3 mile walk through the botanical garden, you will find them in the gallery. Have a good Sunday evening and treat yourself nicely.

4 hours of tranquility

Saturday 4th May
Hello everyone, 
today we enjoyed a sunny afternoon walk. 
Our dogs played in the Piesting River, which is 55.9 miles long in total. Of course we didn't walk from the source to the mouth of the Fischa River. But we covered 5 miles and enjoyed every step in glorious sunshine. 
I hope you had a nice Saturday too. I wish you a nice evening and treat yourself nicely.

Wiener Neustadt and Richard I ?

Friday 3rd May
Hello everyone, 
today I'm taking you to my after-work mile in Wiener Neustadt. The city was founded in 1192 under the Babenbergs and a story goes that part of the ransom money for Richard the Lionheart was used to build the fortified city. Here and there you can still find remnants of the old city walls and defensive towers and the proud cathedral in the center also tells us stories from bygone times. 
I took a few photos for you on my slightly rainy 1.4 miles, as always you can find them in the gallery. 
I wish you a good day and treat yourself nicely.

Found a hero

Thursday 2nd May
Hello everyone, 
today I'm going to show you a huge tree that is a hero. It is located in a forest in Markt Piesting, where a major fire broke out on January 1, 1984 and destroyed 40 hectares of forest. Only after 6 days of intensive extinguishing work could the fire be completely extinguished. Amazingly, this beauty survived, but her scars still remind us of it. After 40 years we are in this beautiful forest and we are humbled - how great nature is! Take good care of it!  Our relaxing afternoon stroll with friends was 2.9 miles long. My dog's best friend is a Yorkshire Terrier :) .
Check out the gallery to see the scar I was talking about.
Enjoy your time and treat yourself nicely.

1st of May

Wednesday 1st May
Hello everyone, 
I am delighted to be taking part in We Walk For Yorkshire from my home country of Austria. My plan for this year's walking challenge is to take you to beautiful places while I rack up miles. If you like what you see, don't hesitate and please help me reach my fundraising goal. 
Today I'm taking you to the Myra Falls, which are no longer an insider tip and attract tons of tourists. But with a little patience you can still enjoy the beauty of nature. We walked 2.83 miles with 216 meters of elevation gain and enjoyed a picnic in the sun. You can find more photos in the gallery.
My dog ​​stayed at home because there were over 100 steep wooden stairs to climb and he deserved a break after yesterday's 13 km hike. 
I wish you a good time and treat yourself nicely!

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from Alex with love