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I’m stepping out for Yorkshire Cancer Research this May. The challenge I have set myself is walking the Leeds-Liverpool Canal over 4 days, the equivalent of 127 miles, and it's all to raise money for life-saving cancer research in Yorkshire.

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My challenge for 2022: Leeds-Liverpool Canal

For my 2022 challenge, I'm going to walk the 127-mile Leeds-Liverpool Canal over four consecutive days in May.

My £635 target is £5 per mile - I'd love your support to help get me to that.

Draft plan is:
Thursday, May 5: Liverpool-Wigan (33 miles)
Friday, May 6: Wigan-Church (30.5 miles, to the official halfway point)
Saturday, May 7: Church-Skipton (34.5 miles)
Sunday, May 8: Skipton-Leeds (29 miles)

If anyone wants to join me for part of a day, it would be great to have someone come along.

1 in 2 people will experience cancer in their lifetime. Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in the region.

Please support my efforts and help more people in Yorkshire survive cancer.

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Challenge completed!

Wednesday 18th May
Well, that was hard!! I had originally planned to walk the 127 miles of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal over four consecutive days but that ambitious challenge turned out to be over-ambitious.

Instead I did it over five days - Thurs/Fri/Sat then Sat/Sun - and it was a real challenge. If I had been doing it as something to tick off a wishlist rather than as a charity fundraiser I would rethought my plans and done it over a leisurely 8-10 days.

6 things I definitely underestimated:

- every step counts on weary legs, even if it doesn't count on the total. Diversions around three towpath closures and the Foulridge tunnel, and walking to and from train stations, meant the 127.25 mile canal was clocked at 134 miles.

- it's a long time to be stuck with your own thoughts! I was walking for just under 50 hours and while I was joined by my Dad, Jen and Sean for good chunks, more than 30 hours of it was solo.

- I knew I wasn't fit, and only deciding to do the challenge six weeks before didn't give me much time to try and get fitter. But it turns out that "only walking" is still exhausting over these distances...

-...and while back-to-back days are hard, back-to-back-to-back is much harder.

- last year when I walked a long distance across the month of May, most of my walks were around my house and the local area. I knew where the shops and the places to sit down were. This time, I had to carry enough supplies and kit for the full day (and should anyone else decide to walk the canal, there are far fewer benches and canalside cafes and shops than you would imagine!).

- there are long stretches of the canal that are dull, and walking all of it means that I became blind to some of the nice parts. Not having to navigate was mostly a good thing, but it did mean that I didn't have to pay attention to where I was going which wasn't always helpful.

But despite all of that, it is done! Thanks to everyone for their donations and support along the way.

Step Out for Yorkshire: Alex's experience

Tuesday 29th Mar

Thank you to my Sponsors


Cucumber Pr Ltd

Congratulations on completing your challenge.


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Good luck from all at Hatch


Louise Jackson


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Alistair Houghton

Congratulations on completing the walk!


Jennifer Lawrence

Well done...had every faith in you! Beer and bath now! X



Well done Alex 👍👍👍


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Good luck 👍🐺


Kayley Worsley


Nic And Louis

Well done. Great stuff!


Ron Turner


Alison Anderson

What a challenge Alex. Amazing effort.


Mark Bullock


Anita Hall

Good luck Alex. Be awesome as always


Arthur Turner

Great effort, you'll see some wonderful sights walking along the canal and pass many historic buildings, enjoy, Mum and Dad


Matt Robinson

Good luck Alex


Rob Valentine


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Chris Hulme

Good luck from Chris H, Chris B and everyone at Influential.


Gary Spriggs

Go Alex! What an amazing challenge. Hope to see you enroute and give you some support🙂


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Loads of luck Alex, am sure you’re going to smash it!


Catherine Godsland


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Absolutely fantastic video! Good luck Alex. 👍


Andrea Hj

Great Cause Alex, proud of you


Ruth Besford


Chris Barry

Good luck - a worthy cause !


Phillipa Fox

Good luck Alex :)


Sophie Drake

Big ups mate, smash it.


Alex Turner