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Like many people, my family has been affected by cancer and I have seen the pain this disease creates - but also the huge improvements that have happened in treatment and survival rates.

I'll be walking, jogging, and running (when the downhill is steep enough) the 450 miles in May, which represents the perimeter of Yorkshire.

In doing so, I'll be raising money for Yorkshire Cancer Research, an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat this condition.

I'm only going to be counting outdoor miles, so the 20 steps I do every hour in my working-from-home journey from desk-to-kettle-to-tap and back again won't be going against the total.

The challenge demands an average of 14.5 miles a day, which is quite daunting given I haven't run a half-marathon since 2017 and I haven't been able to take part in my main source of exercise for the last year. Not that I particularly miss running to and through railway stations to catch trains...

To make the challenge a bit tougher, I'll also be doing it at the heaviest weight I've been in years and the oldest I've ever been! (And, having recently moved to Hebden Bridge, I'm surrounded by the hilliest landscape I've ever lived in).

I'd love you to support me with Welcome to Yorkshire's Tour de Walkshire challenge to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research. I've set my target at just £2-per-mile, and support of any amount would be really appreciated.

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My Updates

Day 31: A 30-mile day gets me over the finish line!

Monday 31st May

Day 29: A 31-mile walk from Hebden Bridge to Brighouse to Halifax and back to Hebden Bridge

Saturday 29th May

Day 26: 8 miles added, on a day when the plan was for lower mileage

Thursday 27th May

Day 25: 12 miles done, just the final 100 to go!

Tuesday 25th May

Day 24: 15 miles done; averaging 99 miles a week and need to do 112 miles in the final seven days

Monday 24th May

Day 23: Canals, crags and a 94-mile week

Sunday 23rd May

Day 16: 26-mile walk takes me past halfway distance at the halfway point of the month

Sunday 16th May

Day 15: The second hundred is done!

Saturday 15th May

Day 10: (Nearly) back on track

Tuesday 11th May
After a couple of very low-mileage days because of a sore foot, I did a 25-mile Sunday and a 10-mile Monday. Hoping that in the second half of May I'll be able to jog some miles instead of walking them all.

Day 6 Miles 4.59: Stepping over the 100-mile marker

Thursday 6th May

Day 5 Miles 11.03: More towpath wanderings

Wednesday 5th May

Day 4 Miles 10.99: First working day of the challenge, three walks around and above Hebden Bridge

Tuesday 4th May

Day 3 Miles 25.63: A dry walk to the Piece Hall and a wet walk back, plus an evening stroll

Monday 3rd May

Day 2 Miles 22.88: Hardcastle Crags, then a fast walk and a slow stroll along the canal later

Sunday 2nd May

Day 1 Miles 26.88: Walked from Leeds to Hebden Bridge, via The Piece Hall in Halifax

Sunday 2nd May

The starting line awaits...

Friday 30th Apr
Advice for my Tour de Walkshire challenge has been taken from the font of wisdom for a 90s teenager: Baz Luhrmann.

"The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself", he told us in his summer hit of 1999.

And, of course, "wear sunscreen".

A handful of training outings have reminded me of the importance of applying that even on seemingly-lukewarm Yorkshire days.

It's been less than three weeks since I stopped shuffling about and signed up to cover 450 miles on foot in May. So far I have learned that 20 days is not long enough to train for a 31-day fitness challenge and new trainers can only do so much with old legs.

Thanks to lockdown, my relatively sedentary lifestyle has become even more so. Working from home, most of my daily steps have been achieved walking from my desk to the kettle. I haven't even driven 450 miles in total in the eight months I've been back living in Yorkshire.

My approach to fitness, which is more honoured in the breach than the observance in recent years, means I can't claim to have covered 450 miles in a calendar year since 2016. And probably only ever in 2016.

Despite that, I'm now only a couple of hours away from applying my first layer of sunscreen before stepping over the starting line of an ambitious attempt.

Luhrmann also reminded us that "the long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience".

As I set off on my own meandering experience, I'll try to keep in mind the race is only with myself - and the imposing May 31 deadline.

But for a little longer at least, we are still in April. The tally reads: Day 0 Miles 0.

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Arthur Turner

It's going to be tough but hopefully we all can give you an incentive to complete the task, but 450 miles makes me tired thinking about it. Best of Luck, Pauline nd Arthur


Ron Turner

450 miles seems a "helluva" challenge I am sure your Dad will keep us up to date with your progress.


Paul Skipp


David Abraham

Well done 👏 Abro



What a superb effort!


Lee- J Walker

Well dine, great effort.


Tim Packer


Jayne Moore

Had to tip you over your target buddy - well done


Alex Turner


Col & Gem

An awesome achievement for a great cause - my feet have just about recovered from just one day supporting!


Alistair Houghton



Jinny Jerome

Well done, a great achievement


Merith Adams

What a cool adventure!


Sean Mcguire

450 miles Alex: a doddle for an athlete of your standing. Great cause, hope its mainly fun and enjoy the beauties of Yarkshire. All the best - Sean


Graham Turner

Good luck with the remaining miles!


Sam Packer

Well done Alex, am super impressed at your achievements, keep it the great work Cous.


Jenny Tickle

Well done Al. A massive achievement.


Susan Bell

Well done. Hope you reach your target


Gareth Roberts


Mark Bullock


Gav Howarth

Inspirational effort!


David Tickle


Gemma Darracott


Jonny Caz

Break a leg Alex, errr, I mean Good luck Alex, a really great challenge and well played in advance


Lindsey Davies

Good luck with it Alex. Remember, age is but a number ;)


Michael Burke

Great work Alex, especially given how poor the weather has been in May!


Ben Ormsby


Catherine Godsland


Joanne Birtwistle

Of course it was never in doubt that you'd make it! But very well done all the same. A great achievement. X


Russ Cockburn

Fantastic effort Alex, good man!


Heather Kirkman



Well done Alex!


Jo Dooley

Keep going Al, you got this 👍


Bethan Tolley




What an adventure! Go get it and enjoy the Yorkshire views 😄


Anita Hall

Amazing challenge for a very worthy cause Alex. You got this


Alison Kilby

Best of luck Alex - that average distance is daunting!!


Latisha T