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I’m taking part in Tour de Walkshire this year to help more people survive cancer in Yorkshire.

Every week in Yorkshire nearly 600 people are told they have cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat this condition.

This May they’ve teamed up with Welcome to Yorkshire for Tour de Walkshire. I’ve chosen my distance and will be walking, running or cycling to raise money for this vital cause. Please support my efforts and help more people in Yorkshire survive cancer.

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May's End - the results!

Monday 31st May
Well, that's it - I'm off for a well-earned bath!

My "10 miles a day in May" target has been well and truly beaten - I have done more than 15 miles per day. I have also collected 67 bags of litter (average more than 2 bags per day - this is our total divided by two, although Charles probably collected more) and, unfortunately, put on 6 pounds (probably due to needing a second breakfast after my early morning rides and being unable to cycle past a cake shop). The pictured cake was at the Queen's Mill Cafe in Castleford, and it was delicious. 

The final day's ride was slightly shorter - just over 40 miles - but had hills! We got from the Wharfe valley to the Aire Valley via Addingham Moorside and Silsden - a slightly less brutal route than going over Ilkley Moor. On the hill down into Silsden, road markings reading "slow" had been tarmacked over to read "Ow". I could sympathise. 

Finally, I have spotted at least 50 species of bird in May in Yorkshire - the Peregrine didn't count, although I'm sure I would have seen one if I had cycled to Malham!  I have captured a few on camera and the icing on the cake was today. I had just mentioned that I would be really happy if I saw a Curlew on a wall and within minutes I saw no fewer than 6 spread out along a dry stone wall. Apologies for the grainy photo, but I did actually catch the closest one - still some way away - for posterity. 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me. We have raised £277 for a great cause as part of nearly £100,000 total. Thank you too to @Charles Hindmarsh, my litter picking partner and cycling coach - challenging me in the early stages and helping to plan the long rides this weekend.

Well done to everyone who took part and reached their target!  

Week 4 - Longest bike ride ever!

Saturday 29th May
4 days to go and the sun came out. :-) Even the lambs were sunbathing! Celebrated today by cycling 50.61 miles, the longest ride I have ever done, cunningly planned to include as few hills as possible and maximise mileage. It was "Welcome to (a whole new bit of) Yorkshire" too - we went along towpaths as far as Castleford, then through some beautiful little villages including Ledston, Ledsham, Aberford, Barwick and Thorner before returning to the more familiar territory of Eccup Reservoir and Golden Acre Park. Don't feel too stiff either (but not looking forward to tomorrow morning!) 

Week 3 - supplemental - 300 miles complete!!!

Sunday 23rd May
One of my sponsors thought that to earn my keep, I should do a ride wearing my sheep cycle helmet cover. I have changed my profile picture, having just gone to Leeds and back and taken a selfie at the far end of the ride.  Check out my page and other photos and blogs here:   The helmet cover is great in cold, dry weather and the Yorkshire climate nearly obliged - just a couple of miles in the wet at the end! Very good news - the swans are back. Last year they had 8 cygnets, this year it looks like 5, but I'm really looking forward to watching them grow up.

Week 3 of 10 miles a day in May - but what happened to the weather?

Saturday 22nd May
I was hoping to be able to tell you this evening that I had completed the 310 mile challenge with a final flourish of a really long bike ride to Ilkley and beyond. Alas, it was not to be. The rain looked as though it had set in, so we did a 21-miler via Otley.  This has been the story of the week - an early morning bike ride supplemented by a lunchtime trot round the block or litter picking. I usually measure my walks by bags rather than miles, but the best find of the week was this tailor's dummy! The Leeds-Liverpool Canal is great  - I saw a deer on Tuesday(?) morning and had a chat with the creator of the wonderful #Pianoraft. There are ducklings and goslings aplenty and I'm really looking forward to seeing the cygnets growing up again. 20 miles to go in 9 days - can I keep up the momentum?

Week 2 - 10 miles a day in May (before breakfast...)

Friday 14th May
Now comes the hard bit, trying to fit my miles in around work and the weather. Early mornings have been OK, so I have been getting a 10 mile bike ride in most days before work along the Leeds-Liverpool canal. On Wednesday evening, we cycled round Eccup Reservoir and got a bit wet (see new profile photo for evidence). On the plus side, I got some brilliantly atmospheric photos of clouds! I have been getting in bonus miles litter picking around home and on Thursday got a lovely walk in Nidderdale while my husband had a small outdoor band practice.  

Week 1

Sunday 9th May
On Wednesday, we went to Cow Green Reservoir in Teesdale - cheating a bit as it isn't a Yorkshire dale, it is in County Durham. It was only a three mile walk, but it felt like a proper hike, with snow-capped hills in the background and alpine plants  - including the Teesdale Gentian which is now my profile picture.  On Friday we went to Morecambe Bay - took the bikes but  decided against it as route 700 had a lot of traffic and was hilly and narrow.  On the plus side, we saw a lot more, including Peregrine Falcons at Humphrey Head. From now on, the challenge will be proper hard work, alongside the day job. I have 18 miles in hand, but will that be enough?

Getting started

Saturday 8th May
I have been on "holiday" this week, so have taken the opportunity to get in a few extra miles on longish bike rides to front load the challenge - so much so that I am going to up my mileage target to 310 miles (ten miles per day for the month). I need the challenge though: the absence of gym and swimming is definitely telling on my waistline and the weather has gone off a bit, making it harder to get motivated.

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Best of luck, love K & O


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Amazing work Jo, and fantastic cause xxx


Jo Hindmarsh


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Amazing Jo . Keep going . Great Cause Hope the feet don't hurt too much at the end Rebecca and Puss Cat Wilson xxx



Well done Jo - you put the rest of us to shame!


Rob Allen

My aunt died of cancer on Thursday, sadly I hadn't seen her for a long time.


Becky Leason

Keep going! you are such an amazing and inspiring person!


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Good luck Jo :)







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Great effort for a great cause Jo. Keep it up!


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Good luck Jo