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I’m taking part in Tour de Walkshire this year to help more people survive cancer in Yorkshire.

Every week in Yorkshire nearly 600 people are told they have cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat this condition.

This May they’ve teamed up with Welcome to Yorkshire for Tour de Walkshire. I’ve chosen my distance and will be walking, running or cycling to raise money for this vital cause. Please support my efforts and help more people in Yorkshire survive cancer.

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Day 24 route

Saturday 29th May
Needed one last push to reach my target.
Greenway to Low Moor, back through Ravensthorpe & Mirfield to Huddersfield. Return via Granny Lane at Mirfield
Minor detour helping a lad get his wheel off & sort a puncture
Mission accomplished 👍

Day 23 route

Friday 28th May
Pre work ride today, blow the cobwebs off after persuading neighbour that he didn't really want to cut his grass at 7am 🙄
Greenway to Low moor and back

Day 22 route

Wednesday 26th May
Relaxed ride today
Greenway through Mirfield to Huddersfield 
Back via Granny lane and minor detour up to St Mary's church (to see if the stocks were still there) 
Back onto the greenway to Ravensthorpe and up the hill home 

Day 21 route

Tuesday 25th May
Lunchtime ride.
White lea, Birstall, Birkenshaw, Hunsworth and on to the Greenway to Ravensthorpe then back up the hill home
Stayed dry 👍

Day 20 route

Monday 24th May
Trip to the office today
Down to Batley, up carlinghow Hill, upper Batley Low lane and Howden Clough road. 
Back via Drighlington, Oakwell hall, Gomersal and white Lea 

Day 19 route

Saturday 22nd May
Greenway through to M606, up to Dudley Hill and on A650 to Tong cemetery. Down past Pit hill park and up to Tong.
Bridleway through to A58. Through Gildersome and back to Drighlington. Down the bridleway to Oakwell hall, through Gomersal, White lea and home. 
Knackered 😁

Day 18 route

Friday 21st May
Forecast was for rain most of the day so decided if it wasn't raining when I got up I would go for a ride to make sure I got a ride in. 
So pre work ride it was 
Greenway to Huddersfield via Mirfield. Return on greenway through  to Cleckheaton. Time constraints meant it was time to head back home with loop to Ravensthorpe ti click the mileage over 
Stayed dry on ride then heavens opened once home 👍
Ironically not raining at the moment which is when I would normally set off 😁

No ride today

Thursday 20th May
No time to fit a ride in today.

Day 17 route

Wednesday 19th May
Short ride due to combination of torrential rain, roadworks & time constraints.
Clear & bright when I set off down to the greenway. 
Plan was to follow greenway to Huddersfield & back. 
Had only gone 2 miles when I was soaked through. Persevered but weather was terrible & decided to head back home, just a stretch down to Ravensthorpe & home. 
Got halfway home & had gone through the storm & looked bright again so another way on to greenway & headed for Mirfield / Huddersfield 
Didn't have enough time to carey on through to Huddersfield so headed back using alternative route in Mirfield. Had to nip on the pavement whilst going through roadworks then plain sailing through Ravensthorpe & home 
Surprisingly sodden when I got home

Day 16 Route

Tuesday 18th May
Greenway to Low Moor back to Ravensthorpe & up the hill home
Greenway was more like a stream yesterday, thankfully dried out a lot today
Although likely to get some heavy rain soon! 

Day 15 route

Monday 17th May
Lunchtime ride up the Greenway to Low moor & back
Set off in hope of avoiding forecast showers, failed😔
Very wintry shower near Oakenshaw, sheltered under a bridge because I couldn't see where I was going! 
Parts of the greenway had flooded by the time I came back. Soaked feet 😲

No ride today

Sunday 16th May
Bit of bike maintenance and watching Wolves 
25 miles in the rain would've been more enjoyable! 😕

Day 14 route

Saturday 15th May
Greenway past Cleckheaton then off up the hill to Hunsworth. Over to Tong
Changed my mind where I was going to go and that may have been a mistake. Headed to Drighlington and into a wall of very heavy rain 😕
Had to have a stop under some shelter because I couldn't see where I was going 
Rain eased and I dropped down tje bridleway to Oakwell hall. 
Another stop to clean glasses then set off only to get a bloody puncture 100 yards later 😡
Roadside repair as it rained heavily again. Stopped by time I got sorted but I managed to catch rain again just before home. 
Still enjoyed it bizarrely 😁

Day 13 route

Friday 14th May
Shorter ride today (time constraints) to clear my head
Greenway to Low Moor & back but no loop to Ravensthorpe 

Day 12 route

Thursday 13th May
Standard Spen Valley Greenway route to Low Moor back to Ravensthorpe and up the hill home
Stayed dry but currently very dark clouds and looks like I might have timed it right 😁

Day 11 route

Wednesday 12th May
Just a trip to work and back today, home just in time for the heavens to open 👍
Down to Bradford road past the cemetery the up Carlinghow hill (still a steep bugger) upper Batley low lane and Howden Clough road {nice uphill drag! } 
Return was reverse route
Half way to target mileage 👍

Day 10 route

Tuesday 11th May
Quick lunchtime spin before the rain was due.
Greenway to Low moor back to Ravensthorpe and up the hill home 
The Ravensthorpe kick now on my standard route as it take the mileage up 😁

Day 9 route

Monday 10th May
Down on to the Spen Valley greenway, couple of loops off and back on
Through to Low Moor then return via Ravensthorpe 
Managed to catch a short sharp shower in each direction 😕

Day 8 route

Sunday 9th May
Expected to do an angry ride after watching Wolves draw with Brighton but instead Wolves actually beat Brighton! So happy ride.
Went on NC route 66 to Huddersfield and on to Huddersfield Town 😁
Reverse route back with minor detour on granny lane
Rain started less than 500 yards short of home ☔🙄

Day 7 route

Saturday 8th May
Decided to nip out once it had stopped raining 
Simple ride on the greenway to Low Moor, back to Ravensthorpe and then back up home

Day 6 route

Friday 7th May
A steady 25 miler today after one or two too many big hills yesterday 😊
Spen Valley greenway to Low Moor and back through Mirfield and turned round at junction with A62. 
Back via Granny lane and home {round the block to tick mileage over!} 

Day 5 route

Thursday 6th May
Greenway to Cleckheaton then up the hill through Hunsworth then on to Tong cemetery. Towards Pit hill park and up a surprisingly steep hill to Tong village.
Bit of rock hopping down bridleway to A58, up towards New Farnley, through Gildersome to Beryl Burton Gardens Morley (large mural & some benches to have a short break. Set off home (just as hailstones arrived) via Howden Clough, Batley & Healey. 
Just short of 23 miles

No ride today

Wednesday 5th May
Chose not to fit a ride in today.
Make up for it tomorrow & Friday 

Day 4 route

Tuesday 4th May
Lunchtime ride to get away from spreadsheets
Just on the Greenway today. 
On to the Low Moor end, back to Ravensthorpe road then turn back and up the hill home
Blooming windy in parts, missed the rain though 😁

Day 3 route

Monday 3rd May
Route choices made by proximity of some very dark clouds.
On to the greenway until far side of Cleckheaton then off up the big hill to Hunsworth
Up and over the M62 & through East Bierley. 
Avoiding the clouds and oncoming rain decided to head towards Drighlington on the A650. 
Dropped down to Fieldhead, Nova and Birstall before another hill up to Gomersal and through to home (passing the Alpacas again but no photo) 
Stayed dry 👍

Day 2 well I wasn't expecting that

Sunday 2nd May

Day 2 Donkeys

Sunday 2nd May

Profile of Day 2 route

Sunday 2nd May

Day 2 Route

Sunday 2nd May
On to the NC66. Up past Low Moor station, under the M606 and up to Dudley Hill.
A650/B6135 to Drighlington. 
Mad dash down Warrens lane bridleway to Oakwell Hall then through Gomersal and home
Only met rain 2 miles from home and missed a heavy shower 👍
Stopped off to see some donkeys then some Alpacas 

Day 1 route

Saturday 1st May
Started out sunny and head on to NC route 66 (Spen Valley greenway) headed towards Mirfield and on to edge of Huddersfield. Turned back and followed the route all the way to Low Moor station. Decided to not put another loop on the route & headed back
41 km /25.7 miles 
All in all a good start

1st of May, 1st day of challenge

Saturday 1st May
Will be heading out for a ride starting on the Spen Valley Greenway / route 66 today. 
Not sure of final route as yet

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