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We Walk for Yorkshire 2024

This May I'm joining people across Yorkshire who are coming together to walk 31,000 miles to raise money for vital research which will help save lives in Yorkshire.

31,000 is the number of people who are diagnosed with cancer every year in Yorkshire.

People are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire than in most other parts of England and, tragically, too many people die. Yorkshire Cancer Research exists to change this. With the help of people across the region, the charity funds vital research and pioneers innovative new services for people with cancer.

Every step counts, and every pound I am able to raise will help save lives in Yorkshire.

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Day 12 - A flat mile on Dallowgill Moor

Monday 13th May
So grateful for my family and friends spurring me on, all college girl friends from way back when and so lovely to see them all again.

Day 7 - exactly a mile there and back

Tuesday 7th May
A lovely evening stroll accompanied by my daughter who is home for the week for her birthday.

Day 3, 4, 5

Monday 6th May
After a slow start, having had a Covid booster in the same week as a Zometa infusion (note to self not to do that again!), I have some making up to do!  I have done 1 mile over the whole 3 days but hopefully back on track soon.  I am going to do this!

Day 2 Another Day, another mile

Thursday 2nd May
A little longer than yesterday's time as there was a Yorkshire hill involved!  But I am going to do this.  New meds should sort this post infusion stiffness out soon.  Please sponsor me to hit the £1K target, I might be doing the 4 minute mile by then!  For every £50 received, someone here in Yorkshire will benefit greatly.  31,000 in Yorkshire are diagnosed with Cancer every year. Last year I was one of them.  I didn't think it would be me. I hope it will never be you.  I am so fortunate to have the services and support of Yorkshire Cancer Research on my doorstep.  Please donate if you can.  Huge thanks Kate x

Day 1

Wednesday 1st May
OK, so it took my 45 minutes to walk a mile, but trust me, this is progress!  I used to walk up to this view in 10mins and I aim to do that again!  I fought the cancer and I'm not giving up any time soon!  A lovely afternoon view looking up Nidderdale towards Gouthwaite.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Charlotte Broadley


Beryl Barnett


Drew Wright

Well done Kate, may each step feel stronger and each mile feel smaller every day :)


Jo Mornin

Well done Kate! You have totally got this and the whole team is behind you, Jo


Richard & Helen Dutton


Dominik Degen

All the best for you and an awesome initiative


Claire Roberts



Pointless exercise Kate, you’re already extremely fit already. Nonetheless, a very worthy cause.



Go smash it Kate!! A family of strong women 👏👏👏






Josh Hall


Trudi Lister

Well done Kate on supporting such a worthwhile cause and fighting this horrible disease. Good luck on your challenge and look forward to reading how you get on. Lots of Love The Listersx


Bailey Brundell


Susan Lawton

Good luck Kate xxx


Heather Bellin

You inspire me Kate Keddie - and I love you to bits!! xx


Rhieza Lorenzo



Well done Kate x


Lynda Reah


Charles Jones

Good luck Kate


Sarah Ayrton

Willing you on Kate! Good luck ❤️ xxx


Debbie Gordon

All the best to you. Dx


Tim Usherwood

This popped up so thought I would say hello (after gazillions of years!!!) You may know Sparky Vallance succumbed to this horrible disease three years ago now so I always try and help when poss. Hope you and the family are on top form and send my regards to t'owd hubby!


Joan Garnett

Good luck from a very proud Mother X


Steve Atkinson

Happy to sponsor you. All the best, Steve x




Stuart Keddie

Have fun!


Christianne & Greg Mcgee-kidd

Go on Kate! Proud of you always. All our love xxx


Eddie Mercer

Go for it Kate!



Inspirational lady! 💪 you go girl !!!!


Nicola Mercer

My amazing sister! I am so HUGELY PROUD of you for doing this. Will be with you on the day if we can - with the champagne when you finish! xxxx


Jean Keddie


Graham Keddie


Susie Worth

Good luck Kate ... such a great thing to do xxx


Hall Family X

Good luck Kate a fantastic challenge to do xxx


Alex Keddie

Good luck to my fabulous Mum!!💕x


Andrew Frazer

Best of luck Kate. Great cause.


Kate Keddie