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I’m taking part in Tour de Walkshire this year to help more people survive cancer in Yorkshire.

Every week in Yorkshire nearly 600 people are told they have cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat this condition.

This May they’ve teamed up with Welcome to Yorkshire for Tour de Walkshire. I’ve chosen my distance and will be walking, running or cycling to raise money for this vital cause. Please support my efforts and help more people in Yorkshire survive cancer.

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Every Day In May/Tour de Walkshire - The curtain call

Monday 31st May
The end. Done. Finito. At least it is for the mileage..  I've had a wonderful late run of donations which have taken me over and above my mileage figure, but you can still keep on giving!

What can I take away from this personal/charity challenge? Well, it's been very rewarding on the whole. I feel fitter, stronger, a little lighter (though there is a long way to go in that department..). I feel that I've flicked a switch in my head which allows me to push on even when I don't think I want to. I've got my head back in to running, where before this, I found every excuse not to run and just go out on the bike instead. Motivation has been an issue over this long month, but ignoring the difficulties (weather, fatigue, weather, commitments, weather, work and of course, crap weather..) has been easier than I had anticipated. I've always said that once I'm out the door, I'm fine, but that's easy to say when it's a couple of times a week. Obviously having a target, or two in this case, helps to focus the mind and scheduling long rides followed by active rest walks was a sensible strategy and it's worked. I don't feel demoralized or wish to just kick back and do nothing now. On the contrary, I want to push on from this see how fit, trim and focussed I can be in sporting terms. There's a lot of work to do.
As I've previously mentioned on earlier posts, temporary self inflicted pain which I have happily put my self through in May, is insignificant in comparison to the all consuming, life changing, sometimes life affirming (for the lucky ones) Cancer battle suffered by so many. I've seen it, felt it even to a certain degree in loved ones and friends. If my miniscule effort helps raise much needed funds and awareness to research, treat, care for or cure Cancer, along with thousands of others taking on such challenges...then it has to be worth it. I'd like to thank each and everyone for donating and also those who could not or didn't wish to. If you've followed my progress and updates, then I have raised your awareness, irrespective of money, perhaps tipping the balance that next time you might have the will, desire, or finances even to make that contribution.
Hers to next year's challenge . . . !?

Thank you all and good luck to all those battling cancer. It could be any one of us...
Ever onwards.

Tour de Walkshire mileage complete!!

Thursday 27th May
The first, and main part of my challenge is done!! 500 miles for the month, by bike/run/walk... occasionally felt like a swim was thrown in for good measure too.🙄
The second half of my personal challenge is to exercise Every Day In May. Still a few days to go and's getting a little tiresome. But a little discomfort and fatigue is nothing in comparison to those suffering with cancer, be it directly or indirectly. Though this challenge has been an entirely selfish one in many ways, my main aim was to raise funds and awareness (at some small level) of the suffering and treatment of cancers in my native Yorkshire. PLEASE get the word out, pass on to anyone you know who may be interested, forward to friends and family. I'd like to knock my donation target for we'd all like to do to cancer.

For those who have already donated, I give a massive thank you. To those who've read this, visited my page or checked my updates on Strava, Facebook or Instagram, please give as little or as much as you can.
Thank you.
Ever onward...

Every Day In May/Tour de Walkshire wk3

Saturday 22nd May
Well, what can I say? Week 3 done. Steady miles added on. Some nice, some not so nice due to the inclement (crap) weather, but then I knew it was going to be thus... Even so, it's hard to muster the motivation to go walking/ running in the cold, filthy conditions and the quagmire enveloping your feet after you've come home from work just looking forward to a tinny and a sit down 🙄
Anyhoo, 21 days done and a break in the weather and an all day pass allowed for a ride of EPIC proportions to tick off a long awaited monument... Ride to, over and back from The Humber Bridge!
132 miles covered at a cracking pace made for an enjoyable yet slightly painful day in the saddle! Great bunch of riders out, crap cafe service which made the day longer than necessary, but its not the end of the world is it? We all made it home with a smile and a great deal of satisfaction at a job well done.
Now where's that tinny...?
Ever onwards...

Every Day In May week 3 - whatever the weather be...

Tuesday 18th May
Crap weather continues. Motivation starts to flag. Even the dog doesn't want to go out!.. I don't blame her.
As usual at this time of year, at least when riding the bike, what the hell is the right thing to wear? Supposedly there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong choice of clothing. Tell me that when I set off in the dry, JUST warm enough so I don't overheat, 40 miles of lovely dry riding later, the heavens open, the temperature drops and I'm riding in a cold shower... 🙄😢
The only thing you can do is ride harder!!
Ever onward..

Week 2 - challenging weather

Saturday 8th May
So, 1 week done and all is well... A bit tired, but still motivated. 
The weather. That's where the difficulty lies. There's always going to be a motivation problem when you get changed, looking forward to a run, start warming up and then the hailstones come...and you have shorts on. This happened on Thursday. I ducked back inside hoping to see the worst of it move off... it didn't. Reluctantly I set off, dispensing with the warm up, embracing the pain of a thousand needles as I was constantly peppered by the hail.
But here's the thing, the motivation is really only needed to step out of the door. Once out and moving , the therapy begins. Exercise is great for the body, but it's even better for the mind.
Ever onwards, just keep going!

Every Day In May

Sunday 2nd May
As an avid cycling fan, the postponement of the Tour de Yorkshire for a second year is a disappointment to say the least. Combine this with the annual frustration of my lack of winter will power when it comes to training, chocolate, beer and biscuits, and what do you get? The Tour de Walkshire of course!!
I'd been talking only last week about doing some form of recordable exercise for Every Day In May (EDIM), then along came the TdW...perfect combo. Goal orientated kick start to the year and raise money for a good cause!
Put the word out among friends and family folks, fuel the fire of fitness and funnel funds into fighting this ferocious foe we call cancer!!
Thanks for reading.

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Well done Rigger x


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You’ll smash it for a great cause


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Well done. Not the best weather for it.


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