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Step Out For Yorkshire

I’m stepping out for Yorkshire Cancer Research this May. The challenge I have set myself is Baildon Trig run every day, the equivalent of 80 miles, and it's all to raise money for life-saving cancer research in Yorkshire.

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My target 80 mi

My miles are saving lives. I’m running up to Baildon Trig Point every day this May to show my support for people affected by cancer in Yorkshire.

1 in 2 people will experience cancer in their lifetime. Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer charity funding pioneering research to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer in the region.

I will run up to Baildon Trig Point and back every day to raise money for this vital cause.  It's not a big distance, but it is a big hill.  Please support my efforts and help more people in Yorkshire survive cancer.

My Achievements

Pursue the Peaks
24 miles

Ramble the River
52 miles

Dash the Dales
100 miles

Pace the Pennines
279 miles

Beat the Border
450 miles

Jubilee Celebration
70 miles

Half way there

Challenge complete

£150 raised

£250 raised

£500 raised

£1000 raised

£1500 raised

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My Updates

I Made it! Thanks to everyone who sponsored me - I don't think I would have kept it up without that motivation.

Wednesday 1st Jun
It was really important to me not to let you down. That was the only thing keeping me going at times. I'm going to keep on running up here - but think I might give my legs a few days R&R before I try it again. Thanks again.

Day 30 - why can't May have 30 days like other months

Wednesday 1st Jun

Day 29

Wednesday 1st Jun

Only 3 more to go

Wednesday 1st Jun

New PB this morning

Friday 27th May
Noticed how much everything has grown in one month. All the trees and plants are much bushier than when I started.

25 - I've been lucky with the weather .. only rained once or twice

Friday 27th May


Friday 27th May

yawn .. day 23

Friday 27th May

Day 22 - down to single figures now. Had a helper today.

Friday 27th May


Friday 27th May

Day 20

Friday 27th May
Only adding these to prove to my sponsors that I didn't give up half way through. Still at it!

Day 19

Friday 27th May


Friday 27th May

Day 17

Friday 27th May

Official half way point (15.5 runs)

Monday 16th May
Woke up to a very soggy run this morning. I've been very lucky with the weather so far.

Sunday - almost halfway

Monday 16th May

Saturday's run - enjoyed a lie-in

Monday 16th May

Friday 13th 8|

Monday 16th May

It's not the night - the shot just came out a bit dark for some reason

Thursday 12th May

This was Wednesday

Thursday 12th May
Almost halfway there - and I'm celebrating running a marathon distance! I can't believe it either.

Some catching up to do - this is Tuesday

Thursday 12th May
Yep .. running out of things to say. Think the piccy says it all. Very lucky to live here.

Early start today

Monday 9th May
Had to get back to get the nippers off to school. Bright and early today.

Honestly - I did make it

Monday 9th May
It was like Blackpool at the top of the hill on Sunday afternoon and I didn't want to appear vain. Those who know the hill will recognise I'm just out of sight!

Could it really be Usain Bolt?

Saturday 7th May
Obviously not. Just wondering if I strike this pose whether it'll make me run any faster!

a new PB on Day 6

Friday 6th May
Legs had some mojo in them this morning. I'm not telling you my time - yet.

Lovely morning earlier today

Thursday 5th May
Officially hit half marathon distance today - 13 miles.

Day 4 - knees are feeling it

Wednesday 4th May
I think downhill is worse on the knees than uphill. Not a runner - so this is a learning exercise too! Updated my target to reflect all you amazing sponsors.

Not much of a view this morning

Tuesday 3rd May

Day 2 - got hit in the face by a bee

Monday 2nd May
Thankfully the bee was half asleep like me and just bounced off and went on her way. Big thank you to everyone who's donated - I can't believe how generous you've been. Far more than I could have hoped to raise.

Had my PT with me today

Sunday 1st May
Unlike me, Kate is a proper runner with all the tech. She measured the run at 2.65 miles, which is closer to 80 miles over the next 30 days. Seems my previous guess was a bit on the low side.

One down - Thirty to go

Sunday 1st May

Thank you to my Sponsors


Luke And Vic


Kathryn Holmes

Congratulations Steve, great achievement Love The Holmes Family xx


Anne Eldridge

Well done. Your Mum would have been so proud.


David John Robbins

Well done Steve. Nearly there.


Adie Smith

Well done Steve. A very worthy charity.


Padraig Keenan

Good luck Steve, if anyone can do it... you can. Hope your legs & feet don't get too sore!!


Julie Cooper

Over half way there , you are doing amazing 😊



Well done!!



You're doing so well! Keep it up xxx


Rachel Blake

Well done Steve. Look forward to you running the next race with us!



Lynne Frisby sends her love and this donation and wishes you well in your endeavours Steve!


Gwyn Jones


Mike Harrison

Good Luck


Christine Robbins

Very proud of you Steve. A great cause - very close to my heart as you know - and a very tough challenge indeed. Here's a couple of quid for each of your daily runs xxxx


Christopher Rigby

Great effort Steve. Thankyou


Lauren Stott


Sandra Brown

Tough challenge Steve. Hope it goes well!


Charlotte Ing

Good luck Steve with the challenge. I’m sure you’ll smash it.


Kathryn Holt


The Bakers

Good luck Steve!


Jo Casey

Good luck Steve


Nadine Scaife

Well done! A very worthy cause. Hope you are still smiling on the last day 😊




James Hayden

Good luck :)


Fran Jones

Good luck Steve! I’m sure you’ll smash it!


Steven Corby