What does more life mean to you?

From special memories to the simple things that make up every day, we'd love to hear about what more life means to you.

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"Just enjoying family and friends. To be with them when I can"
Dot, Facebook

"It means a new life after the shock of cancer"
Robert, Bradford


"Spending time doing things I enjoy with good friends and family. Not worrying about trivial things. "
Karen, Wakefield

"Building memories with those I love, enjoying the countryside, listening to the birds and watching my dog's tail wagging with happiness on our walks!
Vikki, Selby

"Having survived cancer, every day is a blessing ❤️."
Chris, Facebook

"For me surviving cancer means everything - time to heal and hope for the best "
Maria, Facebook

"Making lots of memories with the people I love! ❤️"
Jill, York

"Being truly present with the people I love and care about. Real “quality” time together."
Liz, Facebook

"Having more time to enjoy with my family and friends. Seeing my children play with their grandma is wonderful."
Stuart, Harrogate

"Getting out and about to enjoy the beautiful countryside with our furry friend 🐕 "
Fiona, York