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3,150 mins

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Here's why I'm taking part in Challenge90

Hi, sorry if I sound a little strange, that's because I'm not a native speaker. My mother tongue is German and my sense of humor is Viennese;) I don´t mean any harm or want to be unpolite. I am happy that I am also allowed to take part in Challenge90 as an Austrian Leeds fan and I hope that I can bring my fitness level to Premier league level ;) (hahaha). My goal is to run the half marathon in the Wachau next autumn. But I haven't run a step for 2 years and I'm a little out of shape. So I basically start from scratch. Since I only have a push-button phone, I have to make my records with my sports watch and then enter them manually. I'm happy to (hopefully) share my successes, thank you for letting me be a part of it! MOT

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My Updates

At 47 I can cheat a bit, right?

Thursday 20th Jan

I actually wanted to do a birthday run today. BUT the weather put a spoke in my wheel. In the morning it was wet and cold and now in the evening it was slippery and windy and there was a lot of snow within an hour. Still, I couldn't resist going out into the storm. The mighty whites challenged me today even at walking speed. 3.26mi at 53:04 in snow and storm just because I wanted to "write" LEEDS like Sherlock Holmes. What can I say... well... my handwriting is a bit slurred, I could do better. I would like to tell you about a small success: I am currently running 7km, which is about a third of the distance I would like to run by September. Next goal is 10km and then getting faster. Let's continue in small steps....

A moving start

Sunday 2nd Jan
Yesterday a nice run with my friend Conny. 3.34mi in 40min. I'm happy with that because I still got air while chatting: D. And today our 1st night march with friends from the dog school. Sadly without Gandalf. Unfortunately, the Garmin watch turned off and I only recorded part of a total of 15.8 kilometers. But at least the kilometers uphill. 3.83mi with 250 meters of altitude in 85 minutes. I hope you had such a nice start too and wish you all a happy new year!

Baby it´s cold outside

Friday 24th Dec

I really can´t stay.

Baby it´s cold outside.

I have to run anyway.

Baby it´s cold outside.

think of all the cookies and sweets

I was hoping you would stay here with me in these sheets.

I have to burn those calories again.

When will you be back, tell me when


Why don't you just join in?

Spending the day doing sports is a sin!

It's a great way to start the day.

Let it go, just go away.

Oh come on, it's not that hard.

I don't know where to start

That´s easy. Jump off the couch.

Oh, that was too fast, I´ve pain my  ouch.


Nothing happened at all,

I have to watch football.

that's just another excuse.

(no football today) I´ll will make you orange juice

Oh, come on, don't be so lazy

Sports? I am not crazy, Baby it´s cold outside

(actually it´s pretty hot outside today, 12°C)


Me and my inner weaker self in duet

Don't try to sing it, it's a little bumpy.

(Or should I not try to sing 2 voices? ;) )

Merry Christmas!

Out of order

Thursday 25th Nov
I'm sorry, I'm sure there won't be 90 of me this week. I'll be back as soon as possible as soon as I'm well again.

precious time

Sunday 21st Nov
enjoy every step that I can take with my dog. Even if the steps are slow and we have to be very considerate of Gandalf. It's bone cancer, they told us 4 weeks ago. The rear vat has already been attacked. That means not too far and not too long a steep uphill climb, but keep him fit so that the muscles that support the bones are preserved. Today I dared to go a little further distance again, shortly before coming home he showed me that that was enough. Maybe it wasn't a fitness effort for me, but every step in the fresh air brings balance and counts. Bravo Gandalf! I don't know if I can still motivate myself to go running after 2.5 hours in the fresh air. Now I enjoy a cup of hot tea and watch Gandalf sleep.

Just like Jane Fonda ;)

Sunday 31st Oct
Everything turns out differently than planned. At the moment I am not allowed to leave the house, so my running training is canceled, but luckily I have a plan B. Since the winters here can be quite uncomfortable and I am not a "winter runner", I had one from the start. I'll take you to my basement and my past. So down and dug up the VHS recorder and dusted my fitness tapes :) And so I jump around almost like Jane Fonda: D Zumba wasn't there in the 80s, but aerobics is certainly just as effective. Hope I can run again soon so that I can catch up on my Leeds jubilee run. In the meantime, the hopping continues .....

Set a target and go beyond it

Friday 15th Oct
I am thinking of fundraising :) The lads shall hit the goal as often as possible. My fundraising goal? Let´s bet, how many goals will Leeds United score? So many 1€ coins go into the glass and at the end to Yorkshire Cancer Research. Last season there were 62 goals, if I remember right. I hope for more, lets say 70+ ? What do you think?

90 + 9 min added time

Saturday 9th Oct
The first ninety weren't so bad after all. I was lucky with the weather, so getting started wasn't that difficult. Instead of 2 halves, I did 2x20min and 1x50min, but I didn't just run. I can't manage 50 minutes yet. Still, I'm proud of my 1st "soccer match". I already have the next few minutes in my pocket. Today I hiked, my dog Gandalf can no longer jog and he also needs exercise. For this we almost doubled the 90 with a lot of up and down;) I was sweating and uphill my pulse went up too. We walked 10 miles and were on the road for almost 3 hours 30 minutes, 170 minutes of which was in motion (had to take photos;)), next time I'll run part of this route, I'm curious how long it will take me.

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