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Dedicated to Valerie Carney

Dedicated by Miss S Carney


Valerie Carney

Valerie Carney, A very special Mum, Grandma and Auntie. Sadly no longer with us 10th March 2013.

Star dedicated by Miss S Carney

Dedicated to George W. Starr

Dedicated by Jan Starr-Thompson


George W. Starr

George W. Starr, miss you with all my heart Dad xx

Star dedicated by Jan Starr-Thompson

Dedicated to Pat

Dedicated by Mr M Knipe



Pat, beloved sister, mother and aunt. Sadly missed, never forgotten

Star dedicated by Mr M Knipe

Dedicated to Our Sparkly Emma

Dedicated by All Her Family


Our Sparkly Emma

Missed & remembered every day. Always in our hearts 💗

Star dedicated by All Her Family

Dedicated to David

Dedicated by Ann-marie and Mum.



Your first Christmas in Heaven. 18/7/1951 -1/12/2021. We love and miss you so much. Always and forever. Xx

Star dedicated by Ann-marie and Mum.

Dedicated to my darling hubby Ian Christopher E Ratcliffe

Dedicated by your devoted wife Rie


my darling hubby Ian Christopher E Ratcliffe

Oh my darling Ian, i miss you so much. i hope you found our 3 children, and lost family members and our fury babes. Shine brightly my darling 9.2.1964~9.2.2021

Star dedicated by your devoted wife Rie

Dedicated to Babs & Billy Hardwick

Dedicated by All the family


Babs & Billy Hardwick

A much missed Mum & Dad, Grandma & Grandad & Great Grandma & Great Grandad, loved too much to be forgotten xx

Star dedicated by All the family

Dedicated to Grandma

Dedicated by Andrew, Becki, Oliver and Joseph



Merry Christmas Grandma we love and miss you so much xx

Star dedicated by Andrew, Becki, Oliver and Joseph

Dedicated to My Grandma & Grandad

Dedicated by Becki, Andy, Oliver and Joseph


My Grandma & Grandad

The brightest stars in the sky 🌟

Star dedicated by Becki, Andy, Oliver and Joseph

Dedicated to Ross Needham

Dedicated by Gillian Marshall


Ross Needham

Always let your 🌟 star shine bright. Especially in the dark of night. Your Mum was with you on this Earth. Now Angels 😇 have you, they know your worth. Shine bright darling Ross. You were loved 🥰 by ALL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX💋

Star dedicated by Gillian Marshall

Dedicated to Roy Saxton

Dedicated by Dawn Ashley Haydn Courtney Parice and Saffie


Roy Saxton

you lost your fight to cancer , miss you everyday love you always xxx

Star dedicated by Dawn Ashley Haydn Courtney Parice and Saffie

Dedicated to Nellie Smith

Dedicated by Rebecca


Nellie Smith

I dedicate this star to my amazing nan. My Nellie, who sadly lost her battle to breast cancer in 2013. I wouldn't be the women I am today if it wasn't for you. You will forever be missed. Love you always, Rebecca x

Star dedicated by Rebecca

Dedicated to Amma Appa

Dedicated by Alli Ramanathan


Amma Appa

Love you amma appa.

Star dedicated by Alli Ramanathan

Dedicated to Jean Anderson

Dedicated by Malcolm Anderson


Jean Anderson

To Jeanie, My beautiful wife Shine bright my Christmas angel All my love, Andy xx

Star dedicated by Malcolm Anderson

Dedicated to Spike

Dedicated by Your Mum



To My Greatest Hero. I am so proud of your fight that you have. You have endured so much from numerous operations, chemotherapy & proton beam therapy. You have been strong in every single way. Your energy and zest is wholesome. All of your family and friends are so proud of what you have had to go through. Thankyou for fighting, thankyou for being amazing even when you don't think you are or are deserving. You are so deserving❤️

Star dedicated by Your Mum

Dedicated to Our beautiful nana xx

Dedicated by Your family


Our beautiful nana xx

You are such a strong beautiful women. We all love you lots!!! Xxxx

Star dedicated by Your family

Dedicated to Muhammad

Dedicated by Nisha



The bravest boy ever seen, he is a super human that is always positive everyday no matter what!

Star dedicated by Nisha

Dedicated to My dad

Dedicated by Your daughter leah


My dad

Miss you millions dad xx

Star dedicated by Your daughter leah

Dedicated to Micheal Rivett

Dedicated by All his family


Micheal Rivett

We miss you more than you would ever know ❤️ Love you forever

Star dedicated by All his family

Dedicated to Stephen McAndrew

Dedicated by Elizabeth Martina John and our families


Stephen McAndrew

To our dad Wishing you a heavenly Christmas - we miss you dearly . Leeds Leeds Leeds xxx

Star dedicated by Elizabeth Martina John and our families

Dedicated to My mum Katrina Jeffery

Dedicated by Your daughter Emma xxx


My mum Katrina Jeffery

No words can describe how hard this past year has been since you have left, and how it has affected us all, just know, there's not a day that goes by that I don't talk/think about you, we all miss you terribly, happy Christmas, love you mum xxx

Star dedicated by Your daughter Emma xxx

Dedicated to My Mum Eileen Falkingham

Dedicated by Nicola Ribchester


My Mum Eileen Falkingham

Missed everyday by your whole family - taken so quickly and too soon. My heart is forever broken 💔

Star dedicated by Nicola Ribchester

Dedicated to My wonderful Dad

Dedicated by Mike Titmarsh & Lisa Stockwell


My wonderful Dad

Love and miss you Dad forever in our hearts xxx

Star dedicated by Mike Titmarsh & Lisa Stockwell

Dedicated to Our lovely Mum Christine Woodmansey

Dedicated by Lisa Stockwell & Helen Nichol


Our lovely Mum Christine Woodmansey

Love and miss you so much everyday. Forever in hearts xxx

Star dedicated by Lisa Stockwell & Helen Nichol

Dedicated to Karen boskic

Dedicated by Kerry


Karen boskic

My whooshie for life. I think about you every day xx

Star dedicated by Kerry

Dedicated to Uncle Steven

Dedicated by Niece, Abbie


Uncle Steven

Missing you this Christmas as we do every year and every day. Would have loved for you to meet our new addition Frankie, but I know you will be keeping an eye on him from up there. Love you always, Abbie x

Star dedicated by Niece, Abbie

Dedicated to Stuart

Dedicated by Mrs G Netherwood



Stuart. My dear husband and friend. I miss you everyday. God bless my love.

Star dedicated by Mrs G Netherwood

Dedicated to Grandad Tom

Dedicated by Mr Kurt Farrand


Grandad Tom

Grandad Tom we miss you so much. Shine bright xxx

Star dedicated by Mr Kurt Farrand

Dedicated to John Hebden

Dedicated by Ms Pat Hebden


John Hebden

John Hebden. We all love and miss you so very much John. Love & miss you Dad lots of love Nicola xxxx

Star dedicated by Ms Pat Hebden

Dedicated to Helen Louise Spencer

Dedicated by Mrs J Dutton


Helen Louise Spencer

Helen Louise Spencer, forever in our hearts. Thinking of all our loved ones who are shining brightly in heaven with you x

Star dedicated by Mrs J Dutton

Dedicated to Jen

Dedicated by Patricia Christen



I miss you so much Jen. You were a very special daughter and sister loved by so many. You will always be my star.

Star dedicated by Patricia Christen

Dedicated to Hayley

Dedicated by Katy Blackburn



To my beautiful brave friend Hayley! You are courageous + inspirational and oh so loved. You are fighting and winning. Lots of love Katy xx

Star dedicated by Katy Blackburn

Dedicated to Jean Hollis

Dedicated by Becca & David


Jean Hollis

To our beautiful Mum, It’s nearly 1 year since you lost your 8 year battle against liver cancer! We were so blessed to have such an amazing and caring Mum ❤️ We all love and miss you every day! Love you forever, Becca & David xxxx

Star dedicated by Becca & David

Dedicated to Lynne

Dedicated by Your children



An absolute superstar and fighter. We are all so proud of you, you always keep going even when times have been so hard. Your an Inspiration to others, never gave, never gave in. We all love you very much. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have, and my you are strong and keep going!

Star dedicated by Your children

Dedicated to Lawrence David Moss

Dedicated by Gill, Bryony and Lily


Lawrence David Moss

Our World We miss you so much. We have made you very Proud. Xxx

Star dedicated by Gill, Bryony and Lily

Dedicated to Roger

Dedicated by Helen



My darling sweet wonderful fiance your chemotherapy starts in January and I will be with you every step of the way we can battle this together and look forward to our wedding next August I love you to the moon and back xxx

Star dedicated by Helen

Dedicated to Mary Buckle

Dedicated by Lynne, Natalie, Reece and Oliver


Mary Buckle

Your life is a beautiful memory Your absence a silent grief. Merry Christmas Mam/Grandma. Love and miss you always. X X X X

Star dedicated by Lynne, Natalie, Reece and Oliver

Dedicated to Raymond Ireland

Dedicated by Becky and the Boys


Raymond Ireland

To my Grandad who we sadly lost early December. The best Grandad and Great Grandad. Always loved and always missed x x x x

Star dedicated by Becky and the Boys

Dedicated to Our family

Dedicated by Mrs B Everitt


Our family

In memory of much loved members of our family who are no longer with us.

Star dedicated by Mrs B Everitt

Dedicated to My Dad George Thomas Edward Eyles

Dedicated by Susan xxxx


My Dad George Thomas Edward Eyles

Love & miss you always Dad xxxx

Star dedicated by Susan xxxx

Dedicated to Lyn Davies

Dedicated by


Lyn Davies

Lyn Davies. Miss you and think of you often xx

Star dedicated by

Dedicated to

Dedicated by


Grandma, lots of love xxxxxx

Star dedicated by

Dedicated to Jacqueline

Dedicated by Lynne



My beautiful kind hearted disabled sister recovered from cancer and last year got her 5 years cancer free letter. When we say recovered she has been mentally and physically scared for life . 2020 was the year we lost mum to covid , throgh no fault of our own we never got to say good bye to mum , her nursing home shipped her off to hospital without any concent ! Going through her own battles she is still fighting to get justice for mum 😪

Star dedicated by Lynne

Dedicated to Barry Spencer

Dedicated by Wife (Joy) Daughter (Jayne) Son (Steven ) & fam


Barry Spencer

Always in our thoughts ..loved & missed .. love all your fam ..Ryan/Amy /Brad/Claire /Connor/Great Grandsons /Noah - Lleyton -Alfie- Mylo ❤️

Star dedicated by Wife (Joy) Daughter (Jayne) Son (Steven ) & fam

Dedicated to Brian Hall

Dedicated by Rachel Waite


Brian Hall

My lovely grandad who sadly passed away last December. You will always be our shining star, the glue to our family. We miss and love you so much xxx

Star dedicated by Rachel Waite

Dedicated to Robert Armitage

Dedicated by Miller & Violet


Robert Armitage

Merry Christmas to Our wonderful Grandad we love and miss you very much ❤️

Star dedicated by Miller & Violet

Dedicated to Billy Taylor

Dedicated by Katie and Jaimee-Rae


Billy Taylor

Your one of my favourite stars in the sky. love you x

Star dedicated by Katie and Jaimee-Rae

Celebrate your Yorkshire Star

The ancient city of Ripon is a magical place at Christmas – that’s why we’ve chosen this location for the Yorkshire Stars tree.

Unfortunately, in light of the recent Government announcement on COVID restrictions, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Yorkshire Stars Celebration event, which was due to take place on Thursday 16 December.

While our celebration event is not able to go ahead, our shop in Ripon remains open and you are welcome to pop in and see your star shining brightly on the Yorkshire Stars Christmas tree.

Visit our website to view the shop’s opening times.

The star that shines the brightest this Christmas

To mark the launch of Yorkshire Stars, we lit up Ripon Cathedral with 2,000 stars to represent the number of lives we aim to save from cancer every year in Yorkshire.

Thank you to Ripon Cathedral for allowing us to create such a poignant and moving tribute to all those affected by cancer in our region.

We hope our Yorkshire Stars campaign will offer a small comfort during what can be a difficult time for many families, while also raising important funds to support life-saving research in Yorkshire.