About more life without cancer

“For more life without cancer” is a campaign about the hopes and possibilities of research – to give people in Yorkshire more life to live.

Why have you launched the campaign?

Yorkshire is one of the regions hardest hit by cancer, with over 30,000 people diagnosed with cancer each year in the region. Yorkshire Cancer Research exists to change Yorkshire’s cancer story. To enable us to save as many lives as possible in the region, we need to people to know about our charity and to support us. The research we fund helps to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer – with the aim that at least 2000 more people survive cancer in the region each year. We want people in Yorkshire to have more life without cancer.

Who are the people featured in the campaign?
It was vital that Yorkshire’s cancer story was told by people directly impacted by cancer in the region. As part of this, we reached out to community groups and individuals to ask them to share their own experiences – this is how we met Ryan, Sheena and Rob – the voices of the campaign. We also had people across Yorkshire share their footage and images to show that cancer impacts everyone, alongside footage and images from our own research programmes. Thank you to everyone who shared their experience with us.

Where will I be able to see the campaign?
The campaign will be on TV to reach as many people in Yorkshire as possible. We will also be sharing the campaign on social media and asking people to share their own experience using #MoreLifeYorkshire.

How can I get involved in the campaign?
We would love you to support the campaign and be part of changing Yorkshire’s cancer story.

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Living more life without cancer

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