Rob, York
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"I'm going to do things I enjoy, and I'm going to do them as long as I possibly can"

The chief urologist came in the room, perched on the end of a table and said, we found some abnormalities with your MRI scan. You've got aggressive prostate cancer.

It didn't seem real.

It was the most worrying and I guess thought provoking thing that has ever happened to me. Helen, my wife, just hugged me and said, 'it's ok, we'll get through this. It doesn't matter what you have to face, we'll get through it together'.

One of the key things in my mind was, I'm not ready for this to end. Yes, there's this horrible disease, but I'm not going to be defined by it. I'm not going to let it beat me. I'm going to do things that I enjoy, and I'm going to keep doing them for as long as I possibly can. And if that involves Helen, well so much the better. We can enjoy them together.
Rob, York

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